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It's Your Gotcha Day!

One of our favorite days is 'Gotcha Day,' or the Adoption Anniversary day - It's a great tradition for any adoptive family.

Nothing makes a kid feel better than to have a party that says "You're the best!" and, just as importantly,

"The day we got you was the best day of our lives"

Adoption Day or Gotcha Day. Adoption Birthday Party or Gotcha Day Celebration, call it what you will,

We have your invitations and we're ready to party!

Art for 'It's A Gotcha Day Party'
'Gotcha Day' party invitations (10 pk)'Gotcha Day' party invitations (10 pk)More important to many adopted kids than their own birthday is "Gotcha Day."
Matching Gotcha Day Card for your child available too!
'It's A Gotcha Day Party!'  (10 pk)'It's A Gotcha Day Party!' (10 pk)Your friends and family will have no doubts -- It's A Gotcha Day Party! Bold, Bright and Colorful Invitations!

Do you celebrate in November during National Adoption Awareness Month,
or on the day you "Got your child"?

On the day you presented her to your loving family,
or the day the court papers were signed?

Regardless of which day your family has picked as your adoption day,
almost all adoptive families celebrate with some form of Gotcha Day celebration.

Call it what you will: Adoption Day, Adoption Celebration Day,
Family Day, Adoption Anniversary Day or Gotcha Day! 

It doesn't much matter what you call it,
as long as you acknowledge this most special day in your childs life.

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