Adoption Certificates

The original and unique Adoption Gift...

Remember the 1000's of pages you filled out?

Which piece did you get to keep?
Where is your 'Certificate of Adoption?'
Hidden in the vault of your local bank?
Buried in a fireproof box in the back of the closet?

We have a much better answer for you
Certificate of Adoption Illustration
We've created these Adoption Certificates for you...
To help you celebrate the occasion,
as a unique adoption gift for an adoptive family,

Or for your child ~
An Adoption Day Gift they will treasure forever.

Easy to order! Just follow the four '"P's"

  • Pick a Poem
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  • Personalize it
  • Place your order!

  • All of our adoption certificates are hand made - one at a time - to your order
    Just follow the "P's" and in 4 easy steps you will get exactly the result you wanted. 

    The 'Garden of Our Heart' Series...

    One of our most popular adoption poems, Garden of our Love was written especially for the adoptive family to give to their beloved child, grandchild or sibling.

    A great gift at any time, this hand crafted print is popular as an 'Adoption Day' or 'Gotcha Day' gift; as well as a gift for teenagers leaving for college, or adults who are starting their own families.

    The Garden of Our Hearts
    You have blossomed in our care,
    And flowered under the light of our love.
    Seed lifted gently from a foreign flower,
    Carried by the soft breezes of destiny,
    Wind sown or planted, it matters not,
    Your beauty is heartbreaking,
    For you have grown,
    In the gardens of our hearts.
    ©The Happy Artist LLC

    Please choose a picture below to order from this series

    The Garden of Our Hearts ... Carnation / Day Lily - 8" x 10"The Garden of Our Hearts ... Carnation / Day Lily - 8" x 10"
    The Day Lily is a Chinese symbol for Mother!
    The Garden of Our Hearts ... Cosmos - 8" x 10"The Garden of Our Hearts ... Cosmos - 8" x 10"
    In Latin, 'Kosmos' means beautiful
    The Garden of Our Hearts ...Periwinkle - 8" x 10"The Garden of Our Hearts ...Periwinkle - 8" x 10"
    White periwinkles represent pleasant memories

    PS: Do you want to know a secret? We designed these prints to have a deeper and even more meaningful message, using the secret language of flowers.

    For example...Carnations have many meanings depending on their color; red carnations symbolize Admiration, the Day Lily is the Chinese Emblem for Mother. Cosmos traditionally symbolize a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. In Latin, 'Kosmos' means beautiful. And white Periwinkles stand for 'pleasant memories.'

    "Our Adoption Prayer" Series

    Meditation PathOur Adoption Prayer

    Blessed art thou O Lord our God, who art Parent to us all:
    We thank thee every day for the blessing of this child,
    And for this family that thou hast created through adoption.
    Lend us thy strength to build a bond of love unbreakable;
    Thy wisdom to prepare this child for the path you have set before it,
    And thy forgiveness for our imperfections as parents.
    We ask that thee watch over the birth parents of this child,
    Who by thy guidance, helped bring this miracle to pass.
    And for all thy children still awaiting the blessing of adoption,
    We pray thee speed their journey
    To the arms of the family who will love them.

    ©The Happy Artist LLC

    Please choose a picture below to order from this series

    Our Adoption Prayer ... Iris  - 8" x 10"Our Adoption Prayer ... Iris - 8" x 10"
    The beautiful 'Our Adoption Prayer' Certificate
    Non-denominational but Heartfelt
    Our Adoption Prayer ... Spring Garden 8" x 10"Our Adoption Prayer ... Spring Garden 8" x 10"

    The 'When Answers You Seek' Series

    The Seeking Path

    One of the eternal truths about adoption is - that at some point - your child is going to have questions.
    For many adoptees the question is 'Why?' For some it is 'Who?'
    And no matter how 'open' and honest you've been, the questions are inevitable.
    We created the 'Seek' series in response.
    These Adoption Certificates are an adoption day gift that you give to your child. You'll know when.

    When Answers You Seek

    When answers you seek,
    To questions yet unknown,
    Together we shall search.

    And should your quest,
    For the stories written in your genes
    Take you beyond our horizons,
    We shall await your return.

    For when you need family,
    When you wonder where you belong,
    The answer is here, with us.
    To she that gifted us with you
    We gave our pledge;
    We will forever love you. 

    ©The Happy Artist LLC

    Please choose a picture below to order from this series

    When Answers You Seek - Birds 8" x 10"When Answers You Seek - Birds 8" x 10"
    Another way to say "I Love You."
    When Answers You Seek - Butterflies 8" x 10"When Answers You Seek - Butterflies 8" x 10"
    A Gift of Love
    for Your Child

    The 'Soul of Strength' Series

    The Grafted Tree Illustration

    I was a child of about five when I first met one of God's special children. He was much bigger than I was, but acted younger. And he had the most beautiful smile.

    When I asked my Nana about him, her answer was: "God's eyes are special...they can't see your outsides, they can only see your insides." As young as I was, I understood immediately. This child's soul shone like the sun, even I could see that!

    This poem wasn't written specifically for the Special Needs Community, but they have adopted it as their own.

    It takes a very special family to take in the children that the Lord makes differently -- it takes "A Soul of Strength." 


    A Soul Of Strength

    You started as a soul in search of a home.
    God looked into your future, and saw your strength.
    Strong enough to hold a triad together.
    Then God needed to find the vessel to carry you;
    One with a different strength,
    Able to carry you all those months,
    Yet give you up into the arms of another.

    Finally God found the final strength,
    The people who would love you,
    As much as if you were blood of their blood.
    You see, God doesn’t care about the vessel,
    God cares about the soul.
    ©The Happy Artist LLC

    Please choose a picture below to order from this series

    A Soul of Strength...Butterflies - 8" x 10"A Soul of Strength...Butterflies - 8" x 10"A special gift for the family that opened their hearts to a Special Needs Child
    A Soul of Strength...Grafted Tree - 8" x 10"A Soul of Strength...Grafted Tree - 8" x 10"The Grafted Tree; a beautiful symbol for a Family grown by Adoption

    The Nine Eternal Truths About Adoption

    Adoption is a legal word that defines a miracle.
    A family that wants a child, matched by God with a child that needs a family.
    Never let anyone take this miracle and interpret it in any other way.

    It is just as painful to have a child and not be able to keep it,
    as it is to want a child and not be able to conceive it.
    Open adoptions are one way to help both mothers ease the other's pain.

    Adoption is one way to 'end' an unwanted pregnancy.

    Adoption is one of the tools God uses to create families.

    Birth Families never forget the children they have given up for adoption.
    Being able to follow their child's progress, even a little, can help ease their pain.

    All adopted children will want to know about their origins.
    They know that they have other family 'out there.'
    Nobody can live with that mystery and not want to know.

    Adoptive parents secretly fear that their child's quest for his or her origins
    is somehow a rejection of them. It is not about them.
    It is about the child's need to know. The best thing you can do is help.

    Adopted children who are exposed to other adopted children are mentally healthier in every way: self esteem, abandonment fears, rejection fears etc. Just knowing that there are others like you - that you belong to 'a group' - is invaluable.

    Parents are the people who raise you; love once given cannot be retrieved.
    ©The Happy Artist LLC